Petronelle Cathrine FlorAge: 56 years17871844

Petronelle Cathrine Flor
Given names
Petronelle Cathrine
Married name
Petronelle Cathrine Grønvold
Birth May 22, 1787
MarriageFredrik Johannes GrønvoldView this family
after 1802 (Age 14 years)

Birth of a daughter
Catharina Fredrikke Grønvold
1808 (Age 20 years)
Death of a husbandFredrik Johannes Grønvold
1825 (Age 37 years)
Death 1844 (Age 56 years)
Family with Fredrik Johannes Grønvold - View this family
Marriage: after 1802
7 years
Fredrik Johannes Grønvold + Marthe Cathrine Bøckmann - View this family
husband’s wife
Fredrik Johannes Grønvold + Fredrikke Wedel Wamberg - View this family
husband’s wife
Fredrik Johannes Grønvold + Clara Zachariasdatter Wesseltoft - View this family
husband’s wife

  1. Generation 1
    1. Petronelle Cathrine Flor was born on May 22, 1787 in Larvik and died in 1844 in Larvik at the age of 56. She married Fredrik Johannes Grønvold, son of Bernt Christian Grønvold and Christina Angel Elligers, after 1802. He was born in 1764 in Larvik and died in 1825 in Borre at the age of 61.

      Children of Petronelle Cathrine Flor and Fredrik Johannes Grønvold:

      1. Catharina Fredrikke Grønvold (18081861)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Catharina Fredrikke Grønvold, daughter of Fredrik Johannes Grønvold and Petronelle Cathrine Flor, was born in 1808 in Borre and died in 1861 in Larvik at the age of 53. She married John Andreas Lie, son of Lars Lie and Fredrikke Caspara Gill,. He was born in 1799 in Høland and died in 1882 in Oslo at the age of 83.

      Children of Catharina Fredrikke Grønvold and John Andreas Lie:

      1. Lars Johannes Lie (18311918)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. Lars Johannes Lie, son of John Andreas Lie and Catharina Fredrikke Grønvold, was born on March 30, 1831 in Oslo and died on November 30, 1918 in Oslo at the age of 87. He married Amanda Carolina Afzelius, daughter of Arvid August Afzelius