Ancestors of Iver Neumann-Korsgaard

Olaug Richter1870

Olaug Richter
Given names
Birth October 29, 1870

MarriageAnton Ludvig DahlingView this family

Birth of a daughter
Marie Richter Dahling
January 27, 1910 (Age 39 years)
Death of a husbandAnton Ludvig Dahling
January 17, 1932 (Age 61 years)

Death of a daughterMarie Richter Dahling
July 7, 1951 (Age 80 years)

  1. Generation 1
    1. Olaug Richter was born on October 29, 1870. She married Anton Ludvig Dahling. He was born on December 23, 1867 and died on January 17, 1932 at the age of 64.

      Children of Olaug Richter and Anton Ludvig Dahling:

      1. Marie Richter Dahling (19101951)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Marie Richter Dahling, daughter of Anton Ludvig Dahling and Olaug Richter, was born on January 27, 1910 in Trondheim and died on July 7, 1951 in Lyngør at the age of 41. She married Harald Wergeland, son of Håkon Hansson Wergeland and Wilhelmine Katharine Kielland.

      Marie Richter Dahling and Harald Wergeland had 1 child.

  3. Generation 3back to top
    The details of this generation are private.