Marte AndersdatterAge: 90 years16911781

Marte Andersdatter
Given names
Married name
Marte Fevang
Birth about 1691
MarriageBørge FevangView this family
October 3, 1726 (Age 35 years)
Birth of a son
Per Børgessen Fevang

Death of a husbandBørge Fevang
1756 (Age 65 years)

Death 1781 (Age 90 years)

BirthIGI Individual Record,
DeathIGI Individual Record,
  1. Generation 1
    1. Marte Andersdatter was born about 1691 in Sandar and died in 1781. She married Børge Fevang on October 3, 1726 in Sandar. He was born about 1696 in Sandar and died in 1756.

      Children of Marte Andersdatter and Børge Fevang:

      1. Per Børgessen Fevang
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Per Børgessen Fevang, son of Børge Fevang and Marte Andersdatter, was born in Fevang. He married Ragnhild Torsdatter. She was born in Norway.

      Children of Per Børgessen Fevang and Ragnhild Torsdatter:

      1. Børge Perssøn (16601685)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. Børge Perssøn, son of Per Børgessen Fevang and Ragnhild Torsdatter, was born in 1660 in Norway and died in 1685 at the age of 25.

      Children of Børge Perssøn:

      1. Nils Børgesen (16751718)