Ancestors of Iver Neumann-Korsgaard

Claus Christian KjelstrupAge: 65 years17191784

Claus Christian Kjelstrup
Given names
Claus Christian
Birth 1719
Religious marriageBirgitte Elisabeth RopkeView this family
1761 (Age 42 years)
Birth of a son
Carl Kjelstrup

Death of a wifeBirgitte Elisabeth Ropke
October 1, 1777 (Age 58 years)
Death January 30, 1784 (Age 65 years)
  1. Generation 1
    1. Claus Christian Kjelstrup was born in 1719 in Trondheim and died on January 30, 1784 in Rødøy at the age of 65. He married Birgitte Elisabeth Ropke in 1761 in Hammerfest. She was born in 1742 in Norway and died on October 1, 1777 in Rødøy at the age of 35.

      Children of Claus Christian Kjelstrup and Birgitte Elisabeth Ropke:

      1. Carl Kjelstrup
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Carl Kjelstrup, son of Claus Christian Kjelstrup and Birgitte Elisabeth Ropke, was born in Rødøy. He married Laura Bull.

      Children of Carl Kjelstrup and Laura Bull:

      1. Gunda Fredrikke Kjelstrup (1882)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. Gunda Fredrikke Kjelstrup, daughter of Carl Kjelstrup and Laura Bull, was born on October 25, 1882 in Kristiania. She married Dagfin Rolf Neumann, son of Aksel Tostrup Neumann and Stephanie Severine Caroline Louise Knag, on August 6, 1905 in New York. He was born on August 14, 1878 in Kristiania.

      Children of Gunda Fredrikke Kjelstrup and Dagfin Rolf Neumann:

      1. Laura Stephanie Neumann (1907)
      2. Robert Dave Neumann (1910)