Anne Jørgensen1667

Anne Jørgensen
Given names
Married name
Anne Larsen
Married name
Anne Lauritsen
Married name
Anne Rakkestad

Anne Chartogaea

Anne Chartogaea
Given names
Christening January 6, 1667
Death of a motherMette Botlesen
1687 (Age 19 years)

Burial of a motherMette Botlesen
March 12, 1687 (Age 20 years)

Death of a paternal grandfatherSvend Svendsen
1689 (Age 21 years)
MarriageHaagen LarsenView this family
1690 (Age 22 years)

Death of a fatherJørgen Svendsen
July 1696 (Age 29 years)

Burial of a fatherJørgen Svendsen
July 19, 1696 (Age 29 years)

Birth of a daughter
Mette Haagensen
1697 (Age 29 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherTore Olsen
1697 (Age 29 years)

Death of a husbandHaagen Larsen
November 4, 1698 (Age 31 years)
Marriage of a childHalvor AndersenMette HaagensenView this family
Type: Religious marriage
October 9, 1713 (Age 46 years)

Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: April 13, 1661
6 years
Family with Haagen Larsen - View this family
Marriage: 1690
8 years

  1. Generation 1
    1. Anne Jørgensen, daughter of Jørgen Svendsen and Mette Botlesen, was baptized on January 6, 1667 in Rødenes. She married Haagen Larsen, son of Laurits Rasmussen and Marte Evensen Toresen, in 1690. He was born in 1663 in Hakadal and died on November 4, 1698 in Halden at the age of 35.

      Children of Anne Jørgensen and Haagen Larsen:

      1. Mette Haagensen (16971770)
  2. Generation 2back to top
    1. Mette Haagensen, daughter of Haagen Larsen and Anne Jørgensen, was born in 1697 in Aurskog-Høland and died in 1770 at the age of 73. She married Halvor Andersen, son of Anders Halvorsen and Marte Reersen, on October 9, 1713 in Aurskog-Høland. He was born in 1690 in Aurskog-Høland and died in May 1742 at the age of 52.

      Children of Mette Haagensen and Halvor Andersen:

      1. Haagen Heyerdahl (17151766)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. Haagen Heyerdahl, son of Halvor Andersen and Mette Haagensen, was born in 1715 in Aurskog-Høland and died on July 28, 1766 in Aurskog-Høland at the age of 51. He married Karen Torvaldsen Skattum, daughter of Torvald Skattum and Dorte Jonsen, on December 11, 1737 in Aurskog-Høland. She was born in 1713 in Aurskog-Høland and died in 1759 in Aurskog-Høland at the age of 46.

      Children of Haagen Heyerdahl and Karen Torvaldsen Skattum:

      1. Thorvald Haagensen Heyerdal (17451827)