Ancestors of Iver Neumann-Korsgaard

Maren Sybille Bull FoynAge: 77 years18401918

Maren Sybille Bull Foyn
Given names
Maren Sybille Bull
Married name
Maren Sybille Bull Bruun
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Marriage: October 5, 1859Tønsberg, Vestfold, Norway
6 years

BirthIGI Individual Record,
  1. Generation 1
    1. Maren Sybille Bull Foyn, daughter of Laurentius Foyn, was born on September 5, 1840 in Tønsberg and died in 1918 in Tønsberg at the age of 77. She married Carsten Henrik Carstensen Bruun, son of Mathias Wogen Bruun and Ingeborg Carstensen, on October 5, 1859 in Tønsberg. He was born on March 13, 1828 in Dybvaag and died in 1907 in Tønsberg at the age of 78.

      Children of Maren Sybille Bull Foyn and Carsten Henrik Carstensen Bruun:

      1. Magdalene Julie Bruun (18651903)
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    1. Magdalene Julie Bruun, daughter of Carsten Henrik Carstensen Bruun and Maren Sybille Bull Foyn, was born on November 10, 1865 in Tønsberg and died on July 21, 1903 in Tønsberg at the age of 37. She married Victor Christiansen on October 5, 1889 in Tønsberg Kirke. He was born on June 28, 1860 in Tønsberg and died on March 5, 1906 in Tønsberg at the age of 45.

      Children of Magdalene Julie Bruun and Victor Christiansen:

      1. Erling Bruun Christiansen (18911977)
  3. Generation 3back to top
    1. Erling Bruun Christiansen, son of Victor Christiansen and Magdalene Julie Bruun, was born on March 30, 1891 in Selbak and died on July 25, 1977 in Bergen at the age of 86. He married Esther Neumann, daughter of Jacob Neumann and Augusta Lude.

      Children of Erling Bruun Christiansen and Esther Neumann:

      1. Private
      2. Magdalene Julie “Ba” Bruun Christiansen (19242012)
      3. Private